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Combe Down Branch Surgery

Hello, my name's John Waller, I'm a qualified and experienced UKCP registered psychotherapist providing counselling and psychotherapy and Mindfulness courses in Bath and Bristol. I work in a private practice at the Combe Down Branch Surgery, Odd Down, Bath and very shortly at a venue in Bristol. My Bath counselling practice is close to the Park & Ride car park and within easy reach of Radstock, Midsomer Norton, Keynsham, Bristol, Bradford on Avon and Frome. There is good public transport and free parking. I offer daytime and evening appointments. 

All kinds of troubling problems come along during our lives. These can lead to very unhappy times. Sometimes we live with these problems far longer than is necessary. Sometimes for years, sometimes entire lifetimes. We can get a great deal of relief simply by discussing and expressing our concerns in confidence with an understanding, experienced, supportive and non-judgemental person. In some cases this may be enough to resolve issues. Sometimes though, we need to work together more actively to find solutions to more complicated or entrenched issues. There are also times when a longer term supportive approach is more helpful.

I draw on the wisdom of the many different approaches I've studied, trained in and worked with over the years. In particular an approach combining CBT with mindfulness have been proving to be very effective in helping alleviate and prevent the following conditions:

low mood

  • depression
  • symptoms of depression such as anxiety, stress, low self esteem, anger and insomnia
  • anxiety related conditions such as panic attacks, OCD, addiction and phobias

I also help manage relationship issues and many other problems we all encounter from time-to-time in our lives. Read more on the page  Counselling & Psychotherapy for details.

Sometimes it can be helpful to develop a mindfulness meditation practice alongside individual counselling or psychotherapy. If clients are interested in this, it might be beneficial enrolling on the 8-week Mindfulness course.


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